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Pam Scott, The Rocky Mountain Rose Gardening Services, Loveland, Colorado

Pam Scott
Red Feather Lakes

Pam Scott, The Rocky Mountain Rose Gardening Services, Loveland, ColoradoMeet Pam

Hi I'm Pam!  I'm a Minnesotan by birth but have lived in Colorado since 1971.  I'm practically a native.

There is never a morning when I look at the mountains and think, "How boring!  I saw those yesterday and the day before."  On the contrary, their magnificent beauty refreshes my  senses. 

Colorado's scenery is a great influence on the choice to live here, but the most significant reason is to be near my children and grandchildren.  They are gems in my life and I love having them close. In fact, my daughter, Kelly, was a great influence in my gardening career.

Gardening has been a constant throughout my life.  There is deep satisfaction in working the earth, tilling, planting and watching tiny sprouts become seedlings, growing into radiantly colorful flowers or nutritious vegetables. Completing the Master Gardner program has enabled me to expand my knowledge base and use my skills professionally.  It is fascinating to figure out Nature's challenges, drawing on the knowledge of other experienced gardeners, who freely share their tips.

It is especially rewarding to take clients' ideas, then design and build their gardens.   Whether they want to grow food to nourish their bodies or Pam Scott, The Rocky Mountain Rose Gardening Services, Loveland, Coloradoflowers to nourish their souls, I am happiest tending those gardens.

Although during the season I work in greenhouses in the region, I am available year round with gardening services to meet your needs.

Give me a call - I'd love to discuss your gardening ideas.

Water Lilies in Pam's Pond

Pam Scott • Rocky Mountain Rose Tea Tent
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